Consulting -  On-Line Systems - Network Integration and Design - Outsourcing

As a full service technology firm, MTG offers a wide array of services.  We pride ourselves on being pro-active with our service; steering our clients away from the pitfalls while supplying best of breed solutions and advice.


Q.The technology market is rampant with buzz words, trends and gadgets.  Which of these, if any, and in what combination works for your organization?  How do you budget, purchase and implement technology for your organization? 

A. By talking to us first. 

Just like good legal advice, getting our help before you start is cheaper and easier than waiting until you are over your head.  But, even if you feel the waters rising, we can help.

Our consultants are business savvy people who have years of experience in finance, marketing, business administration, and planning as well as the technologies that enhance them.  We pave the road of a successful technology plan filling in the gaps, flagging the detours and keeping you on track.

Key areas of focus in Consulting Services

Needs assessment Technology plan development Vendor review and selection advisement
Infrastructure assessment Efficiency planning Implementation planning and support
Project management Disaster Recovery
Staff review
Software searches and selection Organization review Network Security

On-Line Systems

Since the bygone days of the dot com revolution, MTG has developed systems to bring back office data and services to the web.  MTG's programmers and developers have pioneered this development and hold numerous patents in this arena.  Our team is well versed and experienced and all aspects of On-Line services.  Whether you are just starting or have established services, MTG can help you.  From a simple website to a full function on line data center, MTG can get you there.  We even have a graphics design team to keep you looking sharp.

Key Areas of focus in On-Line System

Web Site Design Web Strategy E-Commerce
Website integrations Registration systems Database integration and development
Teaming & Collaberation
Video conferencing
Remote access
Distributed applications
Cloud based systems
Web Servers
ISP load balancing and redundancy
Software design and development
 .Net Development
Dot Net Nuke programming / development
Drupal development

Network Integration and Design

All networks are not created equally (Nor should they be.) MTG traces it roots to network development.  MTG creates and tailors networks to meet the individual needs of it's clients.  Starting with supplying best of breed hardware and software, we work toward establishing harmony of all you applications and required services living in the network.  MTG has expertise in developing xtml and other tools for data sharing and integration between disparate systems.

Key Areas of Focus

OS install and development
Email systems
Thin client solutions Transaction interfaces and databases
Disaster Recover systems
Virtural Machine infrastructures
Hot site and Co-location
Data Center
Redundancy and High Availability
ISP load balancing and redundancy
SPAM fitering
Portable networks
Site staffing
Full system support and maintenance
Financial Systems Constituent management systems Document management systems


Need a hand?  MTG provides long and short term staffing and support personnel.  From a little extra help on a project to fully running your IT center, MTG can handle it.